Manousos Leontarakis & Associates Agency recently undertook the project of renovating a well established chain bakery store –Savoidakis- in Rethymno, crete. In a space of 210sq.m., the sense of tradition coexists with contemporary design resulting in a fresh, felightful atmosphere.The space was renovated with emphasis on the selection of the materials such as wood, colouring and led lighting in order to create a warm and welcoming atmopshere. The coffee post was created with special wood & steel constructions. On the floors we chose tiles imitating wood which fit entirely with the constructions and the product displays along with the new hanging lights which follow the style of the entire space.


A new project is about to be launched in Gazi of Heraklion. A new grillers called “Meat Place”, in a space of 151 square meters where customers will enjoy the food in a cozy and calm environment.This was the concept on which Manousos Leondarakis and his team worked on, creating a minimal and contemporary atmosphere with the choice of natural materials.Wood prevails inside on most of the surfaces -combined with the pale shade of gray tile on the floor. In the front of the building the contrast is made by the impressive steelwork adorning the entrance.


The interior design office “Manousos Leontarakis & Associates” undertook the design of the new linen store" Tamiolakis ", which moved to a new location of ​​115 sq.m.In the front of the building, large windows will be placed to highlight the height of the store, while the marble cladding surrounding the external will maintain the "calm" and "clean" image of the store.Inside the store wood dominates and tiles 75x75cm will be placed on the floor. The earthy color palette combined with the chosen led lighting to illustrate the fabric, will create a "warm" and "friendly" atmosphere.


A new project starts from our office MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES. An old restaurant in the center of Heraklion is changing style, owners and its name. The space is 85sqm and extents over 2 floors on the ground floor and the first floor. The restaurant will be dramatically changed in lighting, flooring, colors, tiles, constructions, furniture, decoration and the setting.


A new project has begun from MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES in Heraklion Crete. This new project is about a veterinary clinic-pet shop in Heraklion. Daskalaki’s Michalis veterinary clinic extends to 420sqm area divided into 2 levels.On the first level there will be the pharmacy, the waiting room, the doctor’s office, the pet shop and the infirmary. On the second level there will be the grooming area, the keeping room area, the storage room area, the kitchen and the WC.

The materials that will be used are appropriate for such areas of sanitary interest. Specific research has been done for the areas and infirmaries which are consisted off the surgery, the pathologic infirmary, the radiologic infirmary and the recovery room.It is a highly interesting project which will be completed soon.


A new project has just started by our agency. The fish tavern ‘Kastella’ is about to change totally on its 3 levels. From the ground floor with the main dining room and the part of the food preparation area to the first floor with the storage area and the kitchen and finally the basement with the wc. The new wooden furniture will be constructed in Greek traditional style. Also Viennese rattan will be used in special constructions.


A new project, here in Heraklion, will be presented soon by our company. “PLASTELINA” is changing its style and will shortly opens its doors to welcome us in its 2 renewed floors from morning with coffee till late for drinks and cocktails.Stone, wood, bright colours and special constructions in luminaires are mixed to compose the renewed setting.   


Manousos Leontarakis & associates design office has started a new project. A new barber shop only for men is going to open at the pedestrian of Handakos in Heraklion. The style and the design is retro as will be used renovated furniture in combination with wood, iron and marble.


A new project is about to be launched in Heraklion. It’s about a 17sqm Noodle bar that is going to open in early summer. The style and the design are influenced from the Far East. The materials that will be used are bamboo, wood, tiles in combination with special constructions for the lightning.  


Our office undertook the development of a new project. In  a  main street of Heraklion an all day café is been  completed in about a month.  A unique  space with  dominant color  the deep blue, that will offer but also sells brunches and salads with  gourmet ingredients. 80 m2 is the main space of the store while there is a patio with seating, perfect summer proposal for a glass of  wine,  as the café will offer also  a  wine list.

MINT Coctail & More

An area 470 m2 in Malia  Heraklion is being renovated  by manousos  leontarakis & associates  design  office  and will be ready to welcome you  with the launch of the summer season. On the way to the beach you can find  bar MINT. The bar MINT will offer original Coctails in an environment designed in minimal lines, restful colors and highly summery atmosphere.


In the Kallergon square  the grill “POLITIA” is about to renovate its  space. Our office  has undertaken to renew the space entirely, which consists of three levels. The ground floor 18s.m, which is the main dining room , the basement featuring the food preparation area  and the  rest rooms  on the mezzanine. The  preferred materials are natural, wood and marble, antifungal and they  comply with  all the rules of cleanliness and hygiene. Generally the style is classic and earthy the chosen  colors.


The Butcher shop   Koutzoukos at the corner of  Kalokerinou and Ag.Mina street  is about to be renovated. Our office will design  a functional space that complies with all health requirements. A space that exudes purity,  in modern lines with specially designed windows in which the products will be exposed  in the best possible way. Considering the materials   in the meat processing area has become a special search  and were selected  only antifungal materials. The facade of the shop will be very impressive. Marble, glass and aluminum will be combined by changing volumes and grades.


A new store is been prepared at the center of Heraklion, Idomeneos & Korai corner.
The BACKSTAGE during December will present its stylistic suggestions in a sophisticated and elegant space. White and light gray are the colors selected, the lighting is specially designed to highlight the clothing and accessories and the roof has been designed uniquely.


In December, the market of Heraklion will welcome another new member. Αt the Four Lions Square, in a 35 s.m space a new shoe store is been created. The general style adopted is contemporary with minimal elements .Special constructions with glossy lacquer and copper are used in a way to make sure that the demonstration of the shoes is the best possible.

Papagalos cafe

If its  name sounds you  interesting , its  space will delight you .This is about an  exotic cafe that is under construction  in a nearby suburb of Heraklion. An old house will be transformed into a traditional cafe influenced by culture exotica .Natural materials will be compined  with treated and restored objects will add to the space a special touch. On the ground floor is the main part of the café and at the  basement are   restrooms  and utility rooms. For  the lighting will be  used LED technology.



VELUDA company moved its offices to a new space of approximately 400 s.m.
 This space will include warehouses and VELUDA  laboratories. The Space is designed with simple and clean lines, dominated by glass. For lighting has been  used LED technology. The aim is the surrounding area to be functional, comply with health rules and  to exhales  purity.

AMYGDALO nuts &more

In the center of Heraklion in a while will be a shop offering nuts and fresh-cut coffee beans. The "AMYGDALO" plans to welcome its guests with a commanding facade (combination of aluminum , wood and color) inside though  will be  used natural  materials such as wood, metal and marble. The chosen colors are in natural tones and  for the lighting will be used LED technology


The corporation of Manousos Leontarakis & Associates edited the decoration of 10 new rooms in the five star hotel STELLA PALACE which is located in Analipsi Hersonissos of Crete. The luxury hotel in cooperation with our company, decided to offer new services to its residents.As  oak wood is used with special constructions on the walls and furniture, warm colors are used in the fabrics. The bathrooms are lined with tiles in large dimensions also in natural marble colors. So the modern interior in combination with the unique use of led lightning and all the necessities that a hotel room needs offer enjoyable holidays in a fresh and relaxing environment.


The well-known to us all ZAKA'S snack shop on the corner of Idis and 1821 road, in the centre of Heraklion sought renewal. Soon our decorative office will begin the renovation processes in the internal and external decoration of the shop. The facade will change shape and will be lined with wood in special construction as the cologne will be lined with technogranite in a light color. The order passes will be made of  carrara marble, a trend that lately dynamically returns in the world of design. The flooring will be made of cement and special treated wood will be used. The proper lighting research and the use of special lighting technology LED, emphasizes the natural colours that dominate the interior and give a warm and friendly atmosphere. All these in combinations with the tables that are placed inside, invite everyone that is shopping in the city to enjoy the snacks of ZAKA’S shop in a modern and refreshed place.


The most famous square in the city of Heraklion, the famous Lions, soon opens its gates in BURGER HOUSE. A new dining space as defined in name, will be top quality grill.The known decorative desk Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, designed in a modern style and minimalist aesthetic of the new store.The materials used are diatriti black plate on the face, in order to let the sunlight diffused in space.Wooden separated by geometric designs will determine the store's limits in relation to the rest of the square.Interior walls will be lined with stone, while the order passes will be covered with warm wood.The transparent glass and the black matrix will be used in specific katastkefes. As the shades of black and gray dominated the tech lighting Led will highlight all store locations.


A shop that needs no special introduction to the public of Heraklion, the famous bakery-pastry Savoidakis, at the intersection of Geronymaki and Ethnikis Antistaseos, goes to renovation. This is the first shop opened by the famous brand and the aim was to be provided by the decorative office MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES.The space was refreshed with emphasis on the selection of natural materials, such as wood, minimal colours and led lighting to create a modern and warm atmosphere.


Datseris Butcher

The Datseris Butcher is the new identity of the famous butchery, which many years now, serves the public of Alicarnassos. The MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES and his decorative team, took over to modernized the existing space, focusing on a new proposal for the meat shops. It creates a hosting environment and by introducing new products on the shelves, and a wine cellar with attentive selection for accompaniment. The materials used in the decoration are wood, tiles for sanitary reasons and special led lighting technology with aim to highlighting the products


A new project is in process by MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES. On Idomeneos 11 and Sapphos corner, the famous hairdresser Cuts & Colors Aris Kalathakis is changing and redefining its style. With emphasis on natural materials, such as raw wood and earthy colors, the new interior exaggerates the trend in natural. The innovation in the store is the Barber Shop, services active for men. Finally, highlights of the design are walls with living plants, thanks to the technique of plan panels, and exclusive use of led lighting.


MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES are working in a new project, which will soon open its doors to the public in Heraklion. In the city center, in the pedestrian Kantanoleontos, the famous Pastarella will add a second store. A new facility that will profess the principles of Italian cuisine, while also features coffee space. The materials selected are warm aged wood and metal plate, to tie in harmonious combination

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 13/14



In about two months, Heraklion will welcome the new Imatio Store.
At the pedestrian square of  Four Lions, the new 5-level store Imatio will be ready to welcome spring with outfit recommendations. The ground floor is an impressive lobby with windows on both sides. In the basement there is the men department, on the mezzanine floor the women's casual. On the first floor, ladies will find boutique clothing while on the second floor there will be the outlet store. The style is classic but light, with a choice of materials such as wood and metal, basic elements of a chick & subtle effect.


The decorative office  MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES  , launches new partnership with the company SAVOIDAKIS .. At Knossos Avenue will open a new hangout for coffee, snack and fresh bread always with the  quality  of SAVOIDAKIS company . A modern space, with minimal lines, natural materials such as wood and metal that strays from the classic bakery since there will be  external space for coffee and fresh juices.

PLOTO cafe

Very soon the city of Heraklion will welcome in its port an -onboard-café restaurant. Summer days and nights aboard 450 sq.m of PLOTO with café-drink or food will surely be unforgettable .... The main deck - the same square-will be able to host any event, while in winter it will have nothing to be jealous of one in town restaurant. Design furniture materials like wood and canvas, combine harmoniously compose a unique atmosphere and unusual by the standards of our city.



At the end of August children and parents of Heraklion will have at their disposal an alternative choice ......
΄ GOOD CONDUCTOR ¨ space multiple intelligence  and bookshop ..... A two-level space - 110 s.m  each level-  that parents and children can play, read, coexist outside  home in neutral space with creative flair.
An environment completely child-friendly, made with natural materials such as wood, cotton fabrics, eco-friendly dyes, imaginative lighting and ventilation.


MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES , will create the new spot café at lions squarein the center of Heraklion. Different materials are blended to give this modern result such as plasterboard ceilings, with special led lighting and wooden constructions at furniture and on walls. It’s about ​​an 140 sq.m area with the bar and coffee place in the ground floor and the toilet with kids wc at the loft.



A familiar area of about 2,000 sq.m. on the coastal road of Heraklion Crete to be radically renovated to combine all requirements, from morning coffee at noon for lunch, and late evening drink.
With a specially designed playground and pool area so that you can enjoy the swimming remodeled multiplex combines modern - minimal style and impressive decorative elements with magnificent sea view.

DROSSIA coctail bar

A beautiful summer place in Mallia will be renovated in March 2013.

Τhe company redesign the space with new furniture, special lighting and a variety of plants combining a modern cocktail bar which will open its doors next May.

BUENO cafe

A new cafe with stylish décor will be restored by MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES , in St. Nicholaos.
As this is a long narrow space, owner of the café asked the company, the place to be configured so that bar and service can function as good as possible.
Particular emphasis will therefore be given to this and will be highlighted and the front of the store to attract the citizens.

Jewellery Shop

A contemporary 25 sqm jewellery shop is being prepared, at the center of Heraklion, Crete.

At Kalokerinou str., a new space comes to cover the needs of the people of the city. The abstractive design and the minimal components and materials dominate in the interior and a special facade referring to London's style at the exterior.


A new center of Beauty and Health is preparing in the City of Heraklion.

This new project of  MANOUSOS LEONTARAKIS & ASSOCIATES is a Beauty Polyclinic and locates at Georgios Georgiadis Street. The Building Manufacturer Mr Alexandros Kapetanakis and Civil Engineer Ms. Dimitra Koureli are responsible for the construction. This is a proposal for a modern interior design of offices , physician examination and laser therapy rooms.


Stone Bar was shortlisted for best European Bar.